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Week Three

February 15th - 22nd


Arrival Day


3:30 pm

We will host a meet and greet in the evening where we will share details of the retreat, events and activities. Guest will have an opportunity to meet one another over sips of herbal tea, homemade goodies, island fresh fruit and refreshing filtered water. All while being serenaded by the sounds of the palm trees swaying in the Caribbean breeze.

Day One


Each day will start with a Hatha yoga class at 7:00 followed by our breakfast at 8:30. As this is everyone’s first day, we will enjoy the rest of the morning relaxing by the pool until lunch is served. By the end of lunch, everyone can enjoy siesta time until our next two yoga sessions, where guest will choose between Hormone Yoga Therapy or another yoga class. We will wrap up our first day together with an unforgettable sound bath experience under the stars.

Day Two


Following Hatha yoga and breakfast there is an optional Hormone Yoga Session or relaxing by the pool. After lunch, we will host an afternoon at the beach, followed by dinner and a yoga class to end the day.

Day Three


Following our early morning yoga class and breakfast, we will take advantage of a historical tour of our beautiful island. We will pack a lunch and eat under a 400 year old Bayan tree at the breath taking Romney Manor. Our afternoon siesta time will be followed by yoga class . As this is a busy day, your evening is free or you can take advantage of individual sound therapy, massage therapy, life coaching, spa treatment or a yoga session. These should be booked in advance so, please send us an email for more details and times.

Day Four


The treat for Wednesday morning is a snorkel in our turquoise waters where you are ensured to see plenty of tropical fish and maybe a turtle or two. There will be a yoga session in the afternoon where guest will choose between Hormone Yoga Therapy or another yoga class. At night, your second sound bath will be hosted at the retreat.

Day Five


After our usual morning routine, you will be treated to a hike in the rain forest. This is one of our favourite hikes with flora and fauna indigenous to the Caribbean . This will be one hike you will never forget. You will look forward to an afternoon restorative yoga class after this hike . We will end the day with a trip to the beach for a light ceremony.

Day Six


Once we are finished our regular yoga and breakfast routine, this day is yours to plan. All of our usual programs of individual sound therapy, massage therapy, life coaching, spa treatment or hormone yoga session. There are other amazing tourist attractions that you can research in St. Kitts and we are happy to arrange anything for you before hand. Please just drop us an email with your desired activity and we will take care of that for you.

Departure Day


Last yoga class and breakfast class together. After that all that is left if the packing and the crying as you prepare to leave this peaceful , beautiful and extraordinary island. Remember, you can always come back next year!! Our door is always open!!

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